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What is the advantage of hair extension?

May 20, 2013

This is the contrast diagram before and after having the hair extension:


Many of our friend donn’t think they have long hair,so they want to change this situation.But many friends choose wigs,and some friends choose hair extension instead,this is why?Cause the price of the hair extension is cheaper than wigs and can satisfy the need of many friends.But what is the advantages of the hair extension?Let us see it together:

1. it doesn’t make hurt of your hair,if you donn’t perm or color your hair,it won’t make hurt of your hair.

2. you can control the length of your hair as you like!Our hair usually grow 2com or so in one month,it takes about one year that your hair grow to length.But hair extend won’t be controled by time. is convenient for you to have long hair,when the hair is growing long,sometimes it is so beautiful to us.But when you cut it and it will become short.

4.the feeling of line and the feeling of hair is strong,when you wearing a hair extension,the distance between the two clip hair will large.So after the perm it will become have the feeling of hair and the feeling of line.

5.Center of gravity is easy to keep,as we all known,when the hair become long,the center of gravity will be step down.The effect of modification on many face will be reduced.But hair extension is not only can keep the effect of modification on your face but also keep the length of your hair.

6.this can make the hairstyle of you,many people like the long and deep weave hair,everytime you make your hair curly by electricity,it will make hurt to the hair.

If you have the long hair dream but you with a short hair,you can choose to buy some beautiful hair extension instead.




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